Yay, more bahamut dramaaaaaz

Oh great. Btw, Fenrir I have a sinking suspicion it's still you trying to act like I'm the worst emo drama queen ever and it's rather two faced to hear you talk about me behind my back like you're some sort of drama free saint of all time. Trust me, you aren't, but yet fishing for faults in someone who you find is against your former fuckbuddy is rather low instead of taking the facts for what they were. I will not make a retraction for saying this publicly as I gave a chance for you to tell me to my face instead when you feel something I did comes off one way instead of being a backstabbing douche. Well, not backstabbing I guess since we never were friends.

Anyways, so I keep getting more people telling me about bahamut telling them shit I've done. Seriously, after all this time he's still saying those lies. Well, let's get something straight.

Why would bahamut of needed to pay me back any money at all if he was in the right the whole time? Oh wait, since he wasn't he owed me it. That's right, THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU BELIEVE SOME POPUFUR'S LIES YOU GODDAMN RETARDS. I mean, his statements weren't even well thought out. I asked a few people if I could use their names. Unfortunately only one would let me use theirs publicly so I'll start out with the tidbits that was relayed to me a few weeks ago.

This is a chat from between the two of them. I'm editting to the part where they talk about me. Anything I have to interject with will be in between [[[ ]]]'s.
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Just remember Kiddos, it's easier to tell the truth because then you don't have to think of multiple lies to keep consistent.

Some of the other things by those that have not given me permission to out their alias'. Yes, I apparently broke things while there. I apparently didn't want to work and expressed distaste for it. I admit the one true thing is I did play games while waiting for my final check to go back because of the lies I found out. I mean, I didn't plan on staying there after what I found out, I guess I -could- have just slept in my car and waited everyday as well. I rarely played his xbox360 for that week and when I did it was by permission which wasn't for very long and I didn't complain about it in the least.

btw, if you want to know who started the 'drama'. I think I have permission to say go ask Darius Koopa. He was one of the few who came to me mad about me screwing over bahamut before I even said a negative word about him. someone had to of spoken to him about it if he was going to come to me about it, no?

and on a closing note I really don't care what some people think of me. They always say I'm a drama queen. Okay... but ya know when you look at the reasons they think so it's rather dumb seeing as it's always clothed in a lie someone has made because of something they did to me. (kinda like scesmoon wanting a trade, then stiffing me on his end saying my art wasn't good enough then changing it to everyone else who asked that it was because I was harassing him and insulting him which didn't happen until he said "I'm not doing your part of the trade. If you want me to do a [sketch] then I want you to do another picture and ink it like the revonar picture (in otherwords with prismacolors which are expensive just for one of his shitty sketches which I've seen what they look like without computer cleaning.) If you don't like me because you're too dumb to see through stupid and obvious lies then you're probably too stupid to hang around. I mean, even I could understand the fact that generally the first person who says something is generally viewed to be the one telling the truth (yeah, that's a shame since I only say something AFTER stuff already gets said) but when you can't even -think- to deduce through facts even given BY the person that it can't possibly be true? Just... man, I think I am just too over analytical to overlook details like that.

Just do yourself a favor. Even when -I- post something. Even if it's emo and/or drama. Just assess facts written before deciding if the 'first post stone thrown' is the truth. Hate me because I respond to drama, not because you believe I'm a liar without being able to tell.
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life has... some better updates

So I got a new job with Subway. It's by far actually... fun I guess you'd say? work isn't hard and there's tons of downtime to get other things done (homework if I were in college for instance but I just use it for freewriting) and it's hardly stressful

mom survived the surgery, she'll be back soonish. Well, guess I gotta wait 2 more years before I can get into college then. this week though has been tons less stressful with nobody around.

my mom though has kept calling off and on to bitch at things, most notably her bitching about me not making enough to pay all the bills now that she's paying for my brother's fuckups.

$500 for a car accident he was in while drunk or as he stated "tipsy" to pay off the other people from reporting it.
~ whatever amount she paid to repair his car after his car was busted into so they could steal his GPS that he left wide in the open
$200 for the original and now his new GPS (seriously, just accept he's a failure, he got lost for 2 hours looking for a sonic WITH the GPS system)
$200 for another accident my brother got into, and this is just recent shit adding all to the other things she keeps paying for him.

Don't worry, I'm not giving any money towards this, she's expecting me to pay all the bills but like hell if I am, I don't have to so I'm not going to. I'll sooner just camp out in my car again :p but eh, at least working again, don't know why she's still coddling him instead of telling him to fucking be more responsible.


Ya know sometimes after you eat mexican food and get diarrhea.. Then you feel like you're shitting oil soaked flaming razor blades?

well, this is not one of those days :3

okay, a little update

so finally getting the car fixed and working again, then maybe I'll be able to find a job that's not only temp :/ sister's loaning me the money for it. Which I guess she felt sorta guilty for loaning my brother $500 that she knows she's never getting back for his bullshit lying.

so yay, someone in my family finally helps me.

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yes, it's sorta pathetic I had some little rant on my brother but oh well

asides this the heat has been horrible on me. I've been sleeping for like 11 hours a day without meaning to... and even then my energy level is just drained. I need some sort of art inspiration too. I really can't do any CG works on this computer still and I'm not up for putting up with trying anymore. It just always goes Not responding -_- Or I guess I can color like some of those shitheads who still get $80 a pop for shit drawings, that wouldn't take up much ram to do lol.

and ummm... I LOVE YOU ____________ (yes you)

So I just saw a commercial

For Hawthorne. You know that MD with Jaida Pinkette smith?

well the balloon boy is now on there. Falcon heeney. His line they say in the commercials as they're taking him out of a van

"They forced me to lie for my family"